Plateau Challenge – Update



Last week I posted a blog on the effects of a very low-carb (VLC) diet on one’s poo.  The inspiration for that blog came from a bout of “VLC poo” – the dense, hard and difficult to pass poo that can sometimes result from eating VLC .   Past “constipation” events were nothing like this latest bout which my doctor explained was exacerbated by the extremely high amount of fat I was ingesting (my doctor supports VLC eating for people with metabolic syndrome, by the way).  The impact to me was pretty significant and shortly after writing that post (but before I’d implemented any of the remedies suggested), I suffered a very painful fissure.

I had two choices:  Surgery to repair the fissure or adjust my eating to decrease fat and increase carbs and wait to see if the fissure would repair itself once my rock-hard poos went away.

I chose the latter option but with a slight twist:

  • My increased carbs would come only from green leafy and cruciferous vegetables
  • I increased my use of an OTC fiber supplement
  • I took a stool softener (not a laxative)
  • I made sure I was hydrated but did not drink more than enough to keep me hydrated
  • I also eliminated (sorry for the pun) all supplements that I started taking during the plateau challenge in the off chance that it might be contributing to the problem.

Since I was no longer eating VLC (but I was trying hard to keep carbs to just the naturally occurring ones) and since I was no longer taking the supplements, I decided to suspend the plateau challenge to give myself time to heal.

That time took almost two full weeks (record healing time for a fissure, I’m told) and now with most of August behind me, I plan to resume the challenge in September.

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