Jump-Starting My Metabolism

jumpstartI’m insulin resistant.  I’m fairly carbohydrate intolerant, too.  More than 40 grams of carbohydrates per day seems to stymie weight loss.  More than 100 grams results in moderate gastric distress and the return of several irksome bodily conditions (if you’ve been there, you know what I mean).  More than 300 grams and I’ll be in a heightened state of digestive inflammation that will not resolve for many days.

The extent to which I’m insulin resistant has not yet been identified but I’m working on identifying my HOMA-IR in the next few weeks.  Perhaps this would be the best way to start things but I just learned about the concept of HOMA-IR last week and after I had purchased a series of supplements intended to help me “jump start” my insulin sensitivity.

Let me say, I don’t have much confidence in supplementation.  I believe a diet rich in calciferous vegetables, brief exposure to sunshine and adequate protein from animal sources provides all the vitamins and minerals a body needs (and has done so for millennia).  However, I find myself in an unmoving state of plateau after a recent bout of carb-loading and I can’t seem to find that perfect state of ketosis I was in prior.

Sensing that my current state of stagnation may be due to increased IR and other hormones out-of-whack and thoroughly frustrated by my lack of progress despite my attempts at reducing carb consumption as much as possible and adding some resistance training, I decided to develop a strategy to jump start my metabolism again.  This strategy includes supplementation (which is a new aspect) as well as regular strenuous exercise (which I was not doing regularly or strenuously enough) and incorporates more frequent monitoring via blood tests.

The goals I hope to achieve with this approach over the next 60 days are

  • Ensure my fasting glucose is below 97 mg/dL
  • Ensure my HgbA1c is 5.7 or lower
  • Ensure my HOMA-IR is less than 1
  • Lose at least 10lbs of body fat, as measured by skin-pinch, caliper readings

 The Weapon Supplements in my Arsenal

I invested in a 60 day supply of Leaner Living’s Glycosolve.

Why this product: In the research I’ve done, it’s generally accepted that there are few supplements that can actually control blood sugar in any statistically significant way.  Glycosolve’s proprietary blend of supplements seems most likely to result in any positive impact.  In short, it’s the best of the mediocre when it comes to blood sugar control.

What do I hope it will do: I realize blood sugar control is part of the equation – I also have to reduce serum insulin, which this product will NOT do.  But I suspect I’m eating some “hidden” carbs – something in my normal eating routine that is increasing my blood sugar.  This supplement may help control that “spike” and let me keep lower insulin levels as a result.

I invested in a 60 day supply of Leaner Living’s MRP.

Why this product: Lately, lunch times have been particularly hectic for me and I find myself either not eating lunch or eating a lunch that includes some form of convenience carbs to speed up preparation – or just pure protein because it’s dead easy to fry up a burger in 15 minutes.

What do I hope it will do: I’m hoping this product will provide me with a quick and convenient lunch option when I haven’t prepared a lunch in advance.  I’m also hoping it will taste more like a “treat” and satisfy some sweet cravings I’ve been having, reducing my reliance on sugar-free (erytheritol) candies.

I invested in a 60 day supply of Puritan’s Pride GTF Chromium.

Why this product: Chromium is used for improving blood sugar control in people with prediabetes, which I had prior to losing weight and going low-carb.

What do I hope it will do: Work in conjunction with other supplements to control blood sugar levels and support my dietary efforts to control insulin production.

I invested in a 60 day supply of Puritan’s Pride GTF Cinnamon.

Why this product: Cinnamon is suspected to play a role in blood sugar control.  This is perhaps the most frivolous of my supplement investments because there’s no established nutritional level and I already use some cinnamon in cooking and coffee (on the rare occasions I drink coffee), so I do not think I’m in any way deficient.

What do I hope it will do: Work in conjunction with other supplements to control blood sugar levels and support my dietary efforts to control insulin production.

Other supplementation I already take:

Centrum Silver – I’m under 50 years of age but feel the formula and dosage in this multi-vitamin is most supportive of general overall health.  I’m not really deficient in any of these nutrients and suspect that I excrete most of them without them being utilized.

DietWorks Garcinia Cambogia HCA (50% HCA) – My doctor gave me a 30 day supply to try, I’ve held off using it until this point.  We’ll see if it reduces my appetite, increase serotonin or controls cortisol, which I expect is out of balance due to current stressors at work.

My Plan of Attack:

  • Over the next 60 days, I will ensure I’m eating no more than 40 grams of carbs/day with more than 60% of my calorie intake coming from fat (saturated and coconut).  Protein will be kept at less than 8oz per day.
  • I will use all above-listed supplements as recommended by each product’s label.
  • I will try to exercise using a combination of strenuous aerobic/resistance training at least 3 days a week and swim laps (slow pace) for 30 minutes at least 2 other days.
  • I wear a pedometer and will attempt to make 10K steps or more every day.
  • I will weigh myself daily first thing in the morning before any food and drink.  I will average my weight every 7 days.  This average will be considered my “current weight”.
  • I will take a blood chemistry baseline within the first two weeks of this program that includes:
    • Complete Blood Count with Differential [CBCD]
    • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
    •  HgbA1C
    •  Serum Insulin
    • Lipid Panel
  • I will take another blood chemistry sample after the first 45 days on this program comprised of the same tests.
  • I will post weekly updates to my blog on my compliance and progress.

Now it’s time to move forward!

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