Why I’m Sharing My Story

While I have a passion for understanding how our bodies use the food we consume for energy, I’m not a doctor or dietician.  I don’t have advanced medical or nutritional science degrees.  I don’t even have a personal trainer.  I can’t offer you much in the way of detailed analysis on the various nutritional and health theories out there.

What I can offer you is my story.

I’d come to a point in my life were I assumed I would have to accept my weight gain (and numerous health issues that accompanied it) as simply the shitty poker hand genetics had dealt me.  I was trying to accept the fact that I needed to spend 2 hours a day at the gym just to keep from gaining weight (I had never reached my weight loss goal, this was just about not making things worse).  I was rationalizing that being constantly ravenous and spending every waking moment obsessed with what I would eat next or when I would eat it was my normal.

Then things changed.  More importantly, I changed.

I try to hold onto ideas lightly – in case new information comes along and I need to let them go.  Ideas about what we should eat, what constitutes a “healthy diet”, seem so deeply entrenched in us that letting them go without significant doubt and guilt seemed impossible.  However, this is exactly what I had to do. I had to find an answer – my answer.

Today, as the result of making a few basic changes in what and how I choose to eat, I have achieved my previous weight loss goals (and am on track to lose the “final 10”).  I’ve shed many of the health issues I suffered and removed the risk lurking around the corner for others.  Most importantly, I no longer feel that my appetite and food dominate my life.  Eating is enjoyable and usually necessary but now when I do it, it’s just a simple event, not an emotional, life-encompassing act.

The changes were simple.  The decision to make them and facing the constant skepticism and criticism was hard.  The reward was both beautiful and exactly what I wanted.

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